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4 Creative Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Art Shop

You just found the perfect space and finished renovating it to fit your art shop. Everything seems to be going according to plan except you aren't entirely sure how you will get people to your art shop. While handing out flyers and business cards are good ways to get the ball rolling, those tactics will only take you so far. With something as visual as an art shop, there are a few creative ways in which you can drive traffic to your art shop.

Work with Bloggers

An easy way to reach a wider audience is by working with bloggers who have a larger following than you do. You can create sponsored posts, which are posts that you pay them to publish to their blog. Or you can also work with them to run a giveaway. This way you will have more eyeballs reading about your shop and what it has to offer. It is a good idea to collaborate with blogs that share a similar aesthetic as your shop.

Offer Art Classes

Classes are a great way to get people into your shop so that they can be able to see what you have to offer. The class also ensures that they stay for a period of time, so they can get a good look around and browse your selection of products. You can offer different levels of classes in order to cater to a wide audience of potential customers.

Sell Coffee

A good way to bring people into an art shop is by selling coffee.  Cafes and coffee shops are notorious for selling artwork of local artists in their shops. You can reverse this tactic by having an art shop that sells coffee and possibly other beverages. People will be able to enjoy a cup of coffee while browsing all the offerings in your store.

Manage Your Own Blog

Having your own blog is a great place to post things that were created in your art classes using products from your store. DIY and visual content are often shared more frequently across the web.  Also, growing and maintaining your own blog will help to establish a home in which potential customers can find you online.

Setting up an art shop like Gallery Phillip is all about being creative in order to separate your store from the rest. Whether this means using the internet or more traditional methods. Use this as a guideline to help give your store that extra boost in traffic.

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acquiring native american artwork

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