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Two Ways To Care For Your Antique Furniture

If you haunt estate sales for the perfect piece of furniture for your home, then you are going to want to learn how you can take care of your antique furniture. There are several things to do to make sure that your wood antique furniture stays in the beautiful shape you want it to be.

Don't Use Spray Polish

While you may feel tempted to just grab a can of that convenient spray polish and polish up your wooden furniture, you really need to fight that temptation. While it may lend a nice shine to your furniture, it's going to be only temporary. Those spray polishes actually leave a nasty, sticky residue. That residue will attract dust and other debris to your furniture. It also depletes all the natural oils of the wood, which will make it dry out and start to look bad.

If you want to polish it, you really only need to polish it once or twice a year, using a good beeswax polish. Liberally apply the polish, let it sit overnight, and then buff it out the next morning. The wax will help to seal in the natural oils of the wood and bring out the beauty. 

Take It to a Restoration Shop

If you need to make any repairs to the piece, you don't want to take it to just anyone. A bad repair can cause the value of your furniture to go down. It can also end up causing more problems than it fixes, especially if the person doing the repair had to clear away any undamaged wood in order to do the repair. If you take it to a reputable and experienced restoration shop, the repair will be as closely matched to the color and type of the wood as possible. Many restoration experts will use the same kinds of techniques that the original artisans would have used, which is what will make the repair last and for it to affect the value of the furniture as little as possible. 

If you have spent the time and money looking for the best possible piece of antique furniture for your house, then you want to do everything you can to make sure that it stays in good shape. Knowing what to do will make it easier for you to be able to have your antique furniture for years to come. 

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